A series of 3D studies, finding inspiration in 20th century artists to expand my approach to digital modelling & rendering.​​​​​​​
❏ Essence of Bird, tribute to: 'Bird in Space' (1924) by C. Brâncuși
❏ Essence of Head, tribute to: 'Head of a Woman' (1911) by A. Modigliani 
❏ Essence of Jazz, tribute to: 'Jazz, XIII' (1947) by E. Matisse
❏ Essence of Poisson, tribute to: 'Le Poisson' (1926) by C. Brâncuși
WIP: Poisson modelling.​​​​​​​
❏ Essence of Muse, tribute to: Sleeping Muse (1910) by C. Brâncuși
WIP: Muse Head sketch & 3D simulation.
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